Friday, August 27, 2010

The Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker

This is a wonderful series written by the great christian author, Ted Dekker, and is comprised of Black, Red, and White.  The story starts off with a guy named Thomas Hunter walking down a dark alley in Colorado and a bullet flies through the air barely missing his head.  He tries to escape his attackers but gets shot in the head and is knocked unconscious.  He then wakes up in an alternate world where evil and good is separated and visual.  Is this reality the dream or is it the other one?  Then, he is caught up in a massive problem that could mean the end of both realities.  These stories encompass romance, courage, betrayal, love, joy, sacrifice, and much more that will keep you glued till the end.  I had a hard time putting these books down and stayed up really late just to see what happened next.  Dekker really incorporates Christianity well, into this series.  The characters are so lovable and awesome that I couldn't help but connect with them.  Make sure to read this series at the soonest possible time.

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