Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Green by Ted Dekker

This story is actually a continuation of the circle trilogy making it the Circle Cycle.  It's an awesome book full of suspense, love, treachery, adventure, and action.  The beginning of the book starts right off into the growing conflict.  The circle, that is led by Thomas of Hunter, is starting to shatter at the seams as the end draws near.  It seems that his own son is leading a rebellion against the Circle's nonviolence policies and the growing Horde threat.  His only hope is to try to get back to the other world but his old way of doing so stopped working years ago.  It seems that the other world is heading to it's end of times,as well.  What is to become of these two worlds and Thomas of Hunter's son?  Find out in this awesome book by Ted Dekker!

This story isn't called book zero for nothing.  It really does fit between book one (Black) and book three (White) making the series come "full circle" as Ted Dekker says.  I advise that you start with Black, like I did, even though Ted Dekker says you can do that or start with Green and go on to Black.  Green sorta gives away some things that I wouldn't want to know when reading the orginal trilogy but that is the reader's decision.  Overall this is a great ending and beginning to the Circle Cycle and I would recommend to all Christian Fiction readers.

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