Monday, December 20, 2010

An Amish Love by Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, and Kelly Long

When you buy An Amish Love, you get three novellas for the price of one. This inspiring book includes three touching Amish love stories by three talented authors.  All three of these cute stories happen in the same community of Paradise, Pennsylvania. 

The first novella is called A Marriage of the Heart and is about a girl who schemes her dad into marrying her to this young man after only meeting him the day before.  All she wants is to get out from under the thumb of her sullen father but she gets more than she bargains for.  Can the two young adults find love in a forced marriage?

What the Heart Sees is about an Amish girl who loses her sight in an accident and believes that she will never be able to marry because of her impairment.  But God has special plans for her that can overcome any obstacle.

I thought the last story was one that all married couples should read.  Healing Hearts is about an Amish man who leaves his wife for almost a year and returns, hoping that his family can find it in their hearts to forgive him.  Can God bring good out of this despairing situation?

I was very impressed with all three of these thought provoking and spiritual love stories, even with this being the first Amish book that I've ever read.  There were many sexual references (used within marriage) though so I really wouldn't let young teens and children read it.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and am happy to recommend it to other older teens and adults who love to read Christian Romances as much as I do.

(This was a book, of my choice, that sent to me for free if I agreed to read it and review it honestly.)

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