Friday, January 28, 2011

Sir Kendrick and the Castle of Bel Lione by Chuck Black

Have you ever read a book about knights on conquest and adversities that seem far greater than the hero?  Well not a story like this one. One that's teeming with christian allergories.   It starts off in the city of Trinalda where two knights of the Prince, Sir Kendrick and Sir Duncan, are training.  These two knights, who the Prince has a plan for, are in for an adventure.  Before they know it, they're on a journey against a unimaginable evil that is turning the hearts and minds of young people, everywhere, from the one true King.  They receive help from a few others but even then, they are outnumbered.  Not only that, but Sir Duncan is captured and there's a good chance his time is running short.  Can they rescue Sir Duncan and stop the rebellion before it's too late? 

This first installment of the Knights of Arrethtrae series is beyond imagination.  Your heart and mind will get lost in the epic story and courageous characters.  The christian allergories are instructive and exciting.  I especially like the discussion questions at the end of the book.  They give questions and talk about the main points of each chapter, honing in on the spiritual truths presented in the story. Scripture verses can also be found in the disscussion questions that help back up the teachings.  Next time you're at a Christian bookstore, either in person or online, I highly recommend you buy this book.  It's perfect for older kids and teens.

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