Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beloved Enemy by Al Lacy

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A romantic story about love, treachery, and war.  It's mainly about courageous Buck Brownwell, a union soldier, and attractive Jenny Jordan, a southern born.  Sparks run high when the two meet but can their love withstand such trying circumstances as the Civil War of 1861 in North America when their loyalties are divided?  When Jenny is caught as a spy in Buck's territory, her life is in his hands.  He must choose how to proceed when the law says that all spies die immediately without a court hearing.  The story also centers around a spy ring, the battle of Big Bethel and the Battle of Bull Run.

I chose to read this book when my attention was captured by the description on the back, but the story, other than what was on the back, did not pop.  I liked to be surprised so when there were only a couple twists and turns and I saw one of them coming, I was not completely taken with the story.  Thus, it is not ranked among my favorite books but it was an entertaining read.

  I have always found that reading history within a story is easier than reading it from a boring textbook.  When you read it in story format, you get to see the war from the people's perspective, and this book is no exception.  I also liked that in this book, you get to see from the point of people on both sides of the war; from northern and southern officials.  It shows the humanity of both sides and that brother was fighting brother in this sad Civil War.  The map at the beginning of the book of the Battle of Bull Run was also helpful when picturing all the advances in that specific battle.  On a negative note, I did not like that it kept switching to minor characters and the battles went on forever when I just wanted more of Buck and Jenny's story.  I was waiting forever for the plot on the back of the book to finally play out.  Though in conclusion, I would recommend this story to Historical Fiction and Christian Romance readers.

As a side note, I found the small insert, at the beginning of the book, about the author's stand against worldly influences on his writings, inspiring, especially as a Christian author myself (which is still in the works).  It got me excited to see what kind of writings he actually produced since this was the first book of his that I've read.

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(I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review and this opinion is my own.)

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