Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lady Carliss and the Waters of Moorue by Chuck Black

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This fourth book of the the Knights of Arrethtrae was outstanding and definitely worth reading.  It is about an experienced and dedicated Knight of the Prince, Lady Carliss.   After having just helped a friend with an adventure, she embarks on one of her own.  It starts when her friend's family is kidnapped and taken to the city of Moorue.  On her way there, Lady Carliss meets Sir Dalton again but before long, he is bitten by a poisonous lizard.  As it happens, the cure is in Moorue in Lord Malco deadly swamp.  Her feelings for Sir Dalton also arise again during her journey even though he is already taken by Lady Brynn.  Can she master her feelings and defeat the spreading evil in Moorue before it's too late?  Will she choose to save Dalton's life or the lives of some of the Moorue citizens? That's because all of their lives are running out of time but only one or the other may be reached in time.

This was my favorite book in the knights of Arrethtrae series not only because it's the only one mainly about a girl, but because the theme made me analyze my life the most.  The struggle, in the story, to not think about "love" was also encouraging.  As always, the Christian allegories found in the story were amazing and thought provoking.  I recommend this to other teens and kids, especially girls :), who want to be encouraged in the faith of Jesus Christ.  The King reigns...and His Son.

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