Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart by Chuck Black

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Have you ever doubted when it comes to Christianity and the Bible?  Well this epic adventure is one book you don't want to miss!! It's about a young knight of the Prince, Sir Dalton, who's got popularity, a potential love (Lady Brynn), and skills just waiting to be developed but something is missing in his life. Also, He and all the other knights, except for two, at his local haven don't seem to be worried about some other young people who start disappearing while on missions.  One day, Sir Dalton gets attacked and captured by Lord Drox, an evil Shadow Warrior.   Can Sir Dalton break out of the bonds holding him down or will he be a prisoner forever?

This was the third book in the Knights of Arrethtrae series and was as engaging as the first two.  I liked how Chuck Black started the book off at the middle of the story and then did a flashback.  This technique worked really well by grabbing my interest right off the bat.  The theme of the book was helpful and thought provoking.  When I was younger, I remember having problems with what the theme addresses and really wish I had read this book then.  I also liked the mysterious mountain hermit that helps Sir Dalton.  I would recommend this book to teens and older kids who have trouble with doubt in their lives.  I know this book will encourage and teach you to be a stronger Christian.

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