Monday, June 26, 2017

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (Video Game Review)

Shadows of Valentia is a game that was remastered for the Nintendo 3DS from the Fire Emblem Saga. The saga features lovable characters, turn based movement, strategy based play, and captivating stories. You command an army through multiple battles and watch as the story unfolds.  Fire Emblem Games are a combination between engaging stories and challenging puzzles (turn based movement).

 Each game covers different characters; Shadows of Valentia specifically covers the lives of childhood friends Alm and Celica both with shrouded pasts who are called upon to fight for their country and go against the evil invading it. You command both of their armies on separate sides of the continent each going about the war their way while thinking about the other person.

Even though I was able to mostly predict the story line in Shadows of Valentia, I still loved how it gradually unfolded and the truth was not what it seemed. While missing some of the elements from newer Fire Emblem titles, I was impressed with the 3D dungeon style exploring when one went into a cave or temple and the missions and items found in the 2D villages by searching the picture or talking to the people. I was not able to play the original version of this game so I was thankful it was released on a game system I already owned.

Books are not the only thing to have stories; I love stories in all of their formats. Fire Emblem Shadows of Valentia to me is as enjoyable and entertaining as reading a fantasy novel except that I get to solve puzzles and actually become a part of the story. Awakening and Fates are two other newer Fire Emblem titles where you actually get to name the main character whatever you want because you are that character in the story. Both of those titles also have their own stories that are worth experiencing.

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