Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ties that Bind by Cindy Woodsmall

Ties that Bind is the first in a Trilogy of three books concerning an Amish community with many secrets. Ariana is a young Amish girl who was hurt in her past by her closest friend Quill.  He stole away with another of her friends, Frieda, and left the Amish lifestyle without warning using Ariana as his cover. Now he appears back in her life as she is just moving on and is about to start her own business. He gives her a cryptic message insinuating that one of her family members is about to leave the Amish, as well, bringing all the old pain back. However, he soon learns an even worse secret that could shake Ariana's life far worse.

Woodsmall has a way of writing that makes the Amish lifestyle and characters understandable and relatable. She comes up with new and exciting twists and story lines to keep audiences hooked upon her books. Especially in this series, I am excited to see her comparison of, what we call, the normal lifestyle and the Amish lifestyle, which is already apparent in this book for reasons that I do not want to spoil. She has a way of showing us what happens in the Amish community when extenuating circumstances occur such as found in this book. Read with me as I finish the stories and write reviews.

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