Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Daring Sacrifice by Jody Hedlund

A Daring Sacrifice was a sweet young adult romance novel with underlying Christian themes.  Just from seeing the front and reading the back cover, I was hooked upon this story. As a female version of Robin Hood, Juliana was a character that intrigued me immediately. Basically, the story concerns Juliana who is fighting to keep her people alive after her uncle stole the throne and murdered her father. However, her uncle does not know that she is alive or that she is the one stealing from him. Then, Juliana hides in a neighboring territory after barely escaping being caught and ambushes Lord Collin.  Their first meeting is humorous from Lord Collin's eyes as he lets himself be robbed.  When he later tracks her down and realizes she is someone from his childhood, the love story truly begins.  From then on, it is a battle for Juliana to keep her identity hidden from her uncle and keep herself from falling in love with Collin.

What I really liked about this story and about Jody's writing style in general is how she switches back and forth between the two main characters' eyes. Because of this, you truly get to see how the love grows between them, and how the story unfolds from all angles. However, the ending felt too similar to For Love and Honor, which is actually chronologically after A Daring Sacrifice. As a side note, I love how the books are connected by similar characters but how each story is it's own so much so that I can read the books backwards chronologically and still enjoy them.

Despite the similar endings, I still enjoyed reading A Daring Sacrifice as a quick light read. I would recommend this book to my middle school students and anyone who loves short romantic fairy tales.

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