Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Khadgar's Escapades

An incident with my dog recently has gotten me thinking.

We got him almost a year ago when we were living in our apartment. We hated to leave him by himself in his cage when we had to go to work, so we tried leaving him in just the bathroom. The little booger took to taking out the carpet under the door and chewing off the door post. Realize that this is a tiny dog slightly bigger than a Chihuahua. Therefore, he has been in his cage when we have been at work until recently when we moved.

My husband put a dog door in our new house, and Khadgar loves his backyard. He was great for about the first week while we left him out, but one time I left him, he apparently was mad. For some reason, he thought it a good idea to tear up his leash that we left on the coffee table. It was in about 7 pieces when I got home. So in his anger, he tore up one of his favorite things that means walks. I found this very ironic that in being mad, he only hurt himself.

I see this lack of logic in children today where they are angry with an authority figure so they end up sabotaging themselves because they did not want to listen to someone who has their best interests at heart. This is also something that we do as Christians when we do not like God's decisions or answers to our prayer. We ignore him, take it into our own hands, and do whatever we want (possibly to indirectly spite Him) only hurting ourselves in the process as we get deeper and deeper into sin. In truth, all of us have at one point been like Khadgar not realizing the effect our actions have upon us. However, just like how we went out and bought another leash for Khadgar, God will never stop trying to help us if we would only wait and listen for him.

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