Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Poem by Me: My World

I wrote this poem after I found out that some people believe fantasy is unbiblical or unchristian.  This came as a surprise to me since I have been blessed with wonderful parents who don't believe that.  I believe Fantasy stories display biblical truths very well and sometimes better than just point blank saying the truths.  These stories make you think and i'm in love with them.  Hope you enjoy my first poem :)

God has given me a mind,
Indifferent to the manmade bind.
That wants to think outside this place,
Beyond the realms of time and space.

To dream beyond the world we know,
Where everything is filled with snow.
And dragons roam free and happy,
But romance is alwys so sappy.

Where adventure is in the air,
So much that people stop and stare.
In this place my heart is free,
And other people get to see,

My true love that is the Lord,
Who gave me a passion for the sword.
My world is different, not for the weak,
So go there before you have ill to speak.

To this world I will escape,
From the world He create.
But not for long, for I am needed,
To spread God's word and seed it.

Copyrighted @ 2010 by Tara DragonQueen

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