Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sequoyah and the Cherokee Alphabet by Robert Cwiklik

129 Pages: A early 19th century Indian Biography

A very interesting story even though it was a little boring.   Their were some very sad and descriptive parts but they were just part of the Cherokee way of life and life in general.  The story's about an Indian boy who grew up to create the first Indian alphabet and his journey to get there.  Sequoyah wants to be a warrior but becomes crippled and has bad blood from his white father who was a dishonest trader.  Can he still accomplish his goals even though everyone, including his wife, is against him.  Find out if he perseveres by reading this historical book about a real person in the 19th century.

(This book was part of my Sonlight U.S. History curriculum and I recommend it to other home school families.)

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