Sunday, November 28, 2010

Trails to Poosey by Olive R Cook

196 Pages: Life in the 1830s

Trails to Poosey was a very cute and suspenseful historical book.  I just kept holding on to my seat and reading, hoping that the story didn't end bad like some books do.  I can't tell you if it did but I can say that you should read the book.  The story's about a family who moves to Missouri to get away from the eastern states that were starting to become crowded.  Many people moved west to the great unknown in the 19th century and met hardships in the wilderness, just like the Robisons.  It's from Nathan's point of view, as a teen in the untamed land, that you get to see the story.  The main conflict is when his father goes to buy the land their family wants and never returns.  Why didn't he come back is the question Nathan sets out to answer.  Find out what happens by reading Trails to Poosey.

(This book was part of my Sonlight U.S. History curriculum and I recommend it to other home school families.)

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